The main web server will be unavailable on February 12th from 9PM (Montreal time) to 10PM. We’re moving the virtual machine around. Sorry for the inconvenience.

About the Resist! Collective

The Resist! Collective is a group of Canadian-based activists working to provide communications and technical services, information and education to the greater activist community. The Resist! Collective (Resist!) and project grew out of the old Vancouver TAO collective.

We first set up our own server in the summer of 2000 and started letting people know about our email and list services in May of 2002. We currently host over 500 email accounts, lists for tens of thousands of subscribers and host dozens of domains.

The collective is founded on anarchist principles and makes decisions using consensus. An outline of the Resist! Collective’s reason for existance and organizational philosophy can be found in our Mission Statment. An outline of our shared political beliefs can be found in our Basis of Unity.

Resist! is always looking for new members who want to help with the project.

Communications Security

While we can not guarantee absolutely secure communications - we have tried to set up services in such a way that some of the dominant e-security concerns are addressed. To that end, user accounts are distributed based on organizational affiliation trust model. We’ve tried to make things as easy as possible for our users and we’re here to help if you get stuck.

Members of the Resist! Collective exercise discretion and security in their work as system administrators and as activists, and are committed to working with similar organizations in order to further strengthen active communities as a whole.

If you wish to communicate with us using GPG/PGP (GNU PGP/Pretty Good Privacy), please use our PGP key. Please be sure to include your public key for us if you wish a response to be encrypted back to you.

Mutual Aid

Providing a wide range of communications services like the Resist! Collective does, is expensive and labour intensive. The cost of hardware, bandwidth and the need to pay for sustainable labour continues to grow as we provide more and more people and organizations with email, lists and other services. Donations from anyone and of any amount are greatly appreciated. We can’t do it without you.

System users (those with email accounts or lists etc) are asked to make a financial contribution (if at all possible) after having their accounts for three months and then again on an annual basis in the spirit of building mutual aid relationships. People living in countries with currencies that are lower valued than the Canadian dollar should contribute to local projects. Let us know if you are in this situation. Conversely, if you live in countries with a highly valued currency, please consider making a larger donation. It’ll go further here. American funds are welcomed.

If you you would like more information on making a financial contribution, please visit the contributions page.

If you wish to contribute labour to this project, the best way is to fill out an application for an account and indicate in the application how you can help.